Get to know all the competitions that take place in Montefrío

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Multiple sports competitions are held in our town throughout the year. However, here we only mention those referring to hiking and cycling because of the high level of participation and the enthusiasm and satisfaction of the attendees. We invite you to get to know Montefrío, also through sports, and encourage you to take part in these events.

Trail Villa de Montefrío

This competitive trail is held in the months of April or May. Its route varies, being about 25 kms the trail and 18 kms the mini trail. It gathers more than 400 mountain runners from all over the Spanish territory.

MTB Route Villa de Montefrío

The route is about 50 km and the difficulty is moderate. Every year, it gathers around 350 mountain bike lovers who go across nature spots of great beauty and scenic interest in Montefrío.