Gastronomy of Montefrío

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The gastronomy of our municipality is closely linked to the land, economic activity and production.

Our local dishes are a masterful combination of the reminiscences of a rich Arab past with the cuisine of the Andalusian countryside based on legumes, vegetables, and game products. Some of our traditional dishes are “sesos al mojeteo” (brains and eggs), “remojón de San Marcos” (salad containing boiled eggs, tomato, red pepper, tuna and orange slices), “choto con ajos” (young goat with garlic), “lomo de orza” (pork loin preserved in lard) and tasty omelettes mixed with herbs and vegetables from the area such as “collejas” (Silene vulgaris) or asparagus.

We must not forget the importance of olive oil, engine of agriculture in Montefrío and essential ingredient in the local cuisine.  The quality of our oil has earned it its own Denomination of Origin.

 Our traditions also include an excellent pastry-making with delightful recipes such as mantecados cortijeros (crumbly biscuits), bollos de manteca (butter buns), el cuajao de almendras (almond pie), roscos de vino o anis (wine or anisette rolls) among many others.

Another exquisite handmade product prepared with a traditional recipe is Montefrieño Cheese (goat cheese and mixed goat-cow cheese in different varieties), which year after year is awarded in both national and international contests.